A head full of dreams

My last few days have been absolutely amazing.

I met Jack (his travel name, to protect him from his nefarious lifestyle) for a drunken night on Khao San, watched Coldplay live, had a couple of hangovers, and as I type this, I am heading on the train to Khao Yai for a couple of nights (remember the waterfall in The Beach?)

However, omitting the specifics, I think I need to get some sort of structure to my travels. I need to stop waking up post noon, maybe throw in a workout or two, find a better way to get my thoughts to pen, and God, I gotta ease off those beers.

I’ll probably get back with some more words later, but for now, I leave you with a few pictures from the last few days.

Picture update:

Khao San with Jack


(While I did follow Jack in his shirtless gallivant, I will save those for private viewing…)

Here’s one from the canal boat ride in Bangkok:


And here’s one from the epic night of Coldplay:


Onwards, with my head full of dreams…

Random thought: should I have a travel name? Maz seems rather difficult for most people to get…




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