I am back in Bangkok for the next few nights to celebrate the Songkran (Thai new year). It’s this massive celebration where everyone hits the streets with water guns and buckets of water, to throw them at people passing by. Quite like Holi, actually, minus the colours and bhang.

Curiously, a quick Wiki search tells me that the word Songkran itself is derived from Sanksrit, and interestingly enough, the dates coincide with Vaisakhi, which is the Sikh new year. It’s amazing how cultures around the world are so different, yet, sometimes, so similar.

Coming back to Songkran: as my train pulled into Bangkok, we were splattered with buckets of water – inside the train! Fortunately, I got a taxi right outside the station, so my bags (and me) were protected… that is right until I reached my hostel. An entourage of kids and grown ups assembled right at the entrance, and tactically soaked my shorts (but not my bags) with their water guns. Props for skill.

After a quick shower and some free beer and prawn crackers at the hostel, I decided to check out Khao San Road. And oh man, was that insane. If any of you have visited Khao San, or even done a Google Image search, you’d know that the street is packed to the brim with tourists and locals. But during Songkran, they somehow seem to have found a way to pack some more.

Needless to say, I was soaked. Some enterprising groups even throw in ice cubes in their buckets of water for that added bite. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone with me, so there’s no pictures. But I’m going to come back and update this with some pictures from tonight. (Forgot to mention that they celebrate the new year for 3 whole days!)

With that, it’s now been 10 days since I got to Thailand, and today marks my first laundry day. Time to go check if my clothes are done.

Edit: Updated with pictures 🙂



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