Pad Thai

This is a post about my favourite Thai dish.

The story goes that way back, during World War II, Thailand went through a phase where rice was scarce. In order to promote an alternative staple, the Thai government heavily promoted noodles. Around the same time, the government also changed the name of the country from Siam to Thailand, to eliminate the influence of the Chinese, and promote patriotism.

Influenced by a bunch of different cuisines, most notably the Vietnamese, but also Chinese(!), Malay and even Indian (the tamarind), the pad Thai was born. It was then pushed onto the masses via push-carts on the streets of Thailand, and soon, the dish became ubiquitous, and it was even patriotic to eat pad Thai.

Today, pad Thai is synonymous with Thai cuisine all over the world, and within Thailand, you will find pad Thai at every nook and corner, made fresh at street stalls. While the base remains the same, every stall you go to seems to have a slightly different take on pad Thai, and therefore, a slightly different taste.

Wondering how I like my pad Thai? I like it best when it’s inside my belly. Kidding, go to Thip Samai.

Pictures? You get none because Thip Samai is being renovated currently. So here’s a picture of pad Thai from the restaurant right next to it, which is quite good too!

(Pardon my poor picture clicking skills)



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