Cats are assholes!

Now that we’ve got the facts out of the way, let’s move on…

I ended up at this cafe in Chiang Mai today called the Catmosphere Cafe – a cafe dedicated to cats. I say ended up here because we originally set out to visit this underground temple, which was a disappointment. We decided to pay this cafe a visit as a saving grace. Boy, was that a good decision.

A short walk from the famous Maya Mall, you need to wash your hands and use some hand sanitiser before you can enter the cafe. This is to make sure the cats don’t get your germs, but once you’re in, it is cat heaven.


These fuzzy fur balls walk around the cafe not giving a damn – just like any cat in the history of cats.

Now, I gotta admit, I was not a cat fan a year back. But over the last year or so, I’ve seen so many cat memes, that I’ve come to admit that cats can be fun too (thanks NN). The back of the menu card gives you the names of the cats in the cafe – not that they’d even give you a glance if you shouted their names for eternity – but it’s cute.


Now I tried giving these cuties some love, and I tried getting them to pose for my camera. I mean really really tried. But cats just don’t seem to care (or like me). Finally, I gave up and just sat there drinking my coffee.

But if you’re ever in Chiang Mai, I strongly recommend this place. To learn how to deal with rejection, if not anything else.

I did get a few pictures of cats being cats, so here they are:


And here’s my favourite one… apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur?


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