Back to blogging / status update

Keeping a blog while travelling is a hard job. Since my last post from Kuala Lumpur (back in January 2018), I have been on the road; and as I write this, I am in the last month of my round the world adventure.

When I started out this blog, it was both a way of journaling my travels as well as keeping my friends and family updated on the things I do / discover. But as I travelled, exploring took a priority, and blogging went somewhat to the back burner. Well, off the stove completely in this case. However, since this is my last month, I feel I must get back to the blog and update it to have a complete journal of all my travels. I might still be slow and tardy, but to those still reading this / wanting to read this, I hope to have some late posts coming in soon.

For a route update, after Malaysia, I visited Singapore, then Thailand, then back to India for a month, followed by 6 weeks in the United States and then back on the backpacker trail through Belgium, France and Italy (where I currently am).



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