Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket, Surat Thani, Bangkok, and back home

I needed an appropriate end to my Southeast Asian sojourn, and what better way to spend my last 2 weeks than in the as-yet-unexplored-by-Mazahir parts of Thailand? They got great street food, easily accessible and cheap hostels, amazing nature spots, supermarkets at every corner selling you everything you could ever need, and in my opinion, the perfect blend of Asian and western life. It really is one of my favourite countries.

I flew into Krabi town from Laos, and on my first night I witnessed a Chinese man brushing his teeth in bed.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, maybe I just attract the weird Chinese. But trust me, every long term traveller I’ve met has had a few of these encounters. There’s over 1.2 billion of them, and the strange ones are everywhere!

Had to take this because how else would people believe me?

Top thing to do from Krabi town is to go to Tiger Cave Temple. It’s a misnomer. There were no tigers and no caves. There were, maybe, a few hollow rock formations – but they don’t count as caves in my book. They say the place got its name from a cave that was discovered with tiger paw prints. But I also saw no such paw prints. They must get this error corrected ASAP.

Anyway, the highlight of this temple visit is a 1,237 step climb to the top of a temple for some spectacular aerial views of Krabi. I know the number accurately because it is advertised, and to put things into perspective, that’s like climbing a 70 story building.

I struggled, oh how I struggled. But there are certain things you need to do in life for a few Instagram likes, and this is one of those things. I huffed and I puffed, and no I did not blow anything down, but actually made my way to the top. And guess what? OVERCAST.

Rain Gods: 1, Mazahir: 0.


After a couple of days in Krabi town, I switched bases and moved to Ao Nang Beach, Krabi. Made a day trip to Railay Beach from there, got massages, partied, met some really awesome people (wink wink), and had such a nice, relaxing time. Even channeled my inner basic white bitch and got in some beach yoga. Good times, good times.


Stopped over at the Phi Phi Islands from there, visited Maya Bay (from the movie The Beach), snorkelled with some fishies, dropped my snorkel mask in the water and pissed off the junk boat driver who dove in and found it when I couldn’t, watched an amazing sunset from the junk boat, and scuba-ed with some white-tip reef sharks.

Now I don’t know what it is about islands like Phi Phi, but I absolutely love them. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live on an island where you can just walk from one end to the other?


I even spent two days in Phuket even though everyone told me it was trashy and full of hookers. Phuket was the last major tourist spot in Thailand that I was still to see, and I just had to go! It was indeed trashy, and even though I found an 11 Eleven supermarket that is obviously better than any 7 Eleven supermarket anyone has ever been to, I’d say skip it.


We’re now into the final week people, and there was still one tiny thing left that I hadn’t done in Southeast Asia – take a night train. So I made my way up to Surat Thani to take a night train to Bangkok. I was joined by my friend Stefan and we first spent the day exploring Surat Thani, and at around midnight got on the the train to Bangkok together. The second class compartment is a bogie with upper and lower bunk beds along the side and are extremely comfortable. I slept like a baby.


Once in Bangkok, there wasn’t much left for me to explore. I had spent so much time in the city over the months of travel that I had no tourist spot (not one that interests me anyway) left unexplored. I also just needed time to reflect on the 6 and a half months that had passed so quickly. I ate my favourite Thai dishes (still pad Thai, with pad kra paw in second), walked for hours and hours with just my own thoughts, read a little, and took the last picture of my trip – the fast moving city traffic of Bangkok.


Do I have final thoughts? Yeah, but the journey isn’t over yet. Expect an update soon. 🙂